CFSP strives to generate tangible and objective results that have meaningful lessons for policymakers, researchers, and stakeholders. This page features policy briefs and key findings briefs.

Research Briefs are topic-specific summaries based on key research in the field of development economics, financial systems and poverty. 

Key Findings briefs are 2-page summaries designed to give quick insight to the results of the Consortium's research and resulting publications.  

Key Findings Briefs

Wealth Accumulation and Factors Accounting For Success  Paper on households' accumulation of wealth by Anan Pawasutipaisit (Thammasat University) and Robert M. Townsend (MIT) and published in the Journal of Econometrics. (2011)

A Structural Evaluation of a Large-Scale Quasi-Experimental Microfinance Initiative  Paper on the study of the Thai Million Baht Village Fund, a large-scale microfinance program, by Joseph P. Kaboski (University of Notre Dame) and Robert M. Townsend (MIT) and published in Econometrica. (2011)

The Geographic Concentration of Enterprise in Developing Countries  Paper about the relationship between geography and enterprise by John S. Felkner (NORC) and Robert M. Townsend (MIT) and published in the Quarterly Journal of Economics. (2011)

Information, Networks and Informal Insurance: Evidence from a Lab Experiment in the Field     Summary of working paper findings on information and risk sharing among villagers in India. By Arun Chandrasekhar (MIT student), Cynthia Kinnan (Northwestern University), and Horacio Larreguy (MIT student). (2012)

Finance and Development: A Tale of Two Sectors  Paper on relationship between finance and development by Francisco Buera (UCLA), Joseph Kaboksi (Notre Dame), and Yongseok Shin (UCSD) and published in American Economic Review. (2011)

Risk-Sharing & Transaction Costs: Evidence from Kenya's Mobile Money Revolution    Working paper on new insights to Kenya's mobile banking giant M-PESA by William Jack (Georgetown) and Tavneet Suri (MIT). (2011)

Monetary Theory and Mobile Banking: Lessons from Kenya    Paper about policy implications of e-money based on lessons from Kenya's M-PESA by William Jack (Georgetown), Tavneet Suri (MIT), and Robert M. Townsend (MIT) and published in Economic Quarterly. (2011)

Households as Corporate Firms: An Analysis of Household Finance Using Integrated Household Surveys and Corporate Financial Accounting     Monograph about importance of and technique for creating household accounts from survey data by Krislert Samphantharak (UCSD) and Robert M. Townsend (MIT) and published by Cambridge University Press. (2010)